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Sandal Life Kit

Sandal Life Kit

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Cadillac Sandal Life Kit helps keep sandals and most outdoor athletic shoes sneakers clean, fresh, and smelling like new. Kit includes one 4oz bottle of concentrated deodorizing cleaner and stiff bristle cleaning brush scrubber Specially formulated to penetrate and remove dirt, oils, and sweat stains. Destroys odor caused by perspiration, oils and dead skin particles while cleansing the sandal of dirt, grime, etc. Works on sandals and outdoor shoes made from rubber, neoprene, nylon, fabric, and leather.

Directions:Brush off all surface dirt. Pour a small amount of liquid into approximately one pint of water. Using soap solution, thoroughly scrub soles and straps with brush. Rinse well with clear water. Squeeze excess water from webbing. If straps are leather, blot with paper towel. Allow to dry overnight at room temperature away from direct heat. Wash hands following use.

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